HP Latex Maintenance #3 Advised

1. Front Panel Message: 'Maintenance #3 Advised'

When the front panel of your HP Latex 360 displays the message 'Maintenance #3 advised' then it means your printer has reached it's service interval counter.

The message appears when the printer has travelled a pre-defined distance of the carriage and also consumed a certain amount of ink. Your printer will need 'Service Maintenance Kit 3' to now be installed to rectify the message and to ensure longevity of your printer.

Maintenance Kit #3 - What's included?

The HP Latex 360 Maintenance Kit 3 contains replacement parts designed to keep your printer running at an optimum performance.

B4H70-67105 Service Maintenance Kit 3

  • Line sensor
  • Pressure sensor & tube
  • Oiler + Lubricant bottle
  • Carriage felts
  • UCP (Under Carriage Protector)
  • Spit roller motor
  • User Maintenance Kit


The maintenance kit 3 cannot be installed by the user as it involves dismantling of the printer.

Book one of our experienced engineers to supply and fit your SMK3 to ensure that all service procedures are followed correctly and that your printer is fully calibrated. Installation of SMK3 normally takes approx 3 to 4 Hrs.

What we provide during installation of Service Maintenance Kit 3:

  • Installation of all replacement parts included in SMK3
  • Clean & lubricate of slider rods
  • Clean of service station rods
  • Clean of waste aerosol from back plate, platen & encoder strip
  • Clean of the entire heater module include internal chambers and fans (very important to allow efficient & consistent curing of ink.)
  • Clean optical media advance sensor, platen, vacuum ducts

Check out our guide to Maintenance Kit 3 here


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