1. System Error 86:01 'Substrate Jam'

System error 86:01 is the most commonly reported error on the HP Designjet L26500 & HP Latex 260.

The error appears when the printer detects an issue in the scan-axis which prevents the carriage assembly from moving from side-to-side.

Possible Causes

  • Too much friction detected in the carriage movement. Try cleaning & lubricating the slider rods (Make sure to clean & lubricate the lower & upper rods). Check for any visible obstructions blocking the movement of the carriage.
  • Dirty Encoder Strip. Does the carriage stop in the same place each time the error appears? If so, check for dirt on the encoder strip and carefully clean the dirty area.
  • Worn drive belt. Open the window and check the condition of the main drive belt. You may notice discarded rubber debris on the back plate. This is a sign that the belt is nearing its end of life.

2. Leaking Cyan Ink

We have dealt with a number of printers that have developed Cyan ink leaks. The ink leaks from the ink tube system and normally appears from the top or bottom of the carriage and can spread along the back plate of the machine.

The ink tubes tend to fail around the valves that the printheads slot into. This area is part of the ink tube system and is a sealed unit which will need replacing.

3. System Error 02.1:10

System error 02.1:10 may appear on the front panel of the printer during initialisation.

The error is related to a fault with the Carriage PCA.

Try removing all the printheads and reboot the printer. If the printer boots OK without the printheads then there is likely to be a faulty printhead causing the error.

If the error persists then the Carriage PCA might have failed.

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